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Digital Trophy Case, Interactive Hall of Fame

Preserve your school's or organization's achievements, culture, and history, in an interactive manner.

What is Digital Trophy Case

Would you like to showcase and preserve your organization’s hall of fame members, achievements, culture, and history and do it in an engaging interactive manner? Are you running out of space to display your achievements? Digital Trophy Case is your answer. Livewire’s ‘original’ Digital Trophy Case is a state-of-the-art digital hall/wall of fame software solution to archive and display your organization’s success stories via kiosks, interactive wall displays, and websites. 

  • In-Depth Showcases For Sports, Academics, Clubs, Fine Arts, Seniors, And Campus Life
  • Responsive Design Supports Both Portrait And Landscape Display
  • Highly Scalable And Easy To Add/Import Large Amounts Of Data And Photos
  • Tag Media With People And Years For A Digital Yearbook Experience
  • A Wide Variety Of Kiosks To Choose From As Well As Wall-Mounted Screens
  • ADA Functionality To Accommodate Users Of Various Heights And Those In Wheelchairs
  • Drill Down Into Game Results And Bio Details Of Rosters For Every Sport And Season
  • Integrated Digital Signage To Promote Events Or Sponsorships Through Playlists Of Ads And Other Media
  • Web-Based Management With Import Functionality To Easily Customize, Update And Maintain Your Showcases
  • Highlight Military And Other Services
    Integration Of Event Ticketing And Other Self-Service Functionality

Serving Clients in
42 States and 7 Countries!

News and Updates

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