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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Trophy Case is an interactive Digital Hall of Fame, Great for Archiving and displaying People and/or Awards for your School or organization.  It consist of both Hardware (A Miniature Computer, a Touch Screen Display, or a Kiosk unit) and Software (Livewires Inhouse Program for displaying the content). 

You can customize what appears on the display with “Engage” our online portal, which is accessible through a web browser on a Laptop or Desktop computer. We would provide a log in for you and as many of your Staff you would like so that you can collaborate on uploading Photo’s, People, as well as Customization.

Digital Trophy Case is great for High Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Social organizations, Businesses, and Military Clients. Who want an interactive and digital way to display Individuals, Athletes, Donors, Trophies or Awards.

You will need a touch Screen display that works with Windows 10, as well as a Windows 10 computer. Livewire Digital is a hardware provider as well, so if you do not have any hardware on hand we can assist you in that process.

Our headquarters are Located In York, Pennsylvania USA. We’ve deployed  systems throughout the US, Canada, and surrounding islands for over twenty years.

Yes, if you would like your users to be able to browse your website from the kiosk a button on the Digital Trophy Case’s home screen can be created to do just that.

Yes. For an additional fee, you can also place a link on your website that will allow users to view the same content from your Digital Trophy Case display, from their laptop or desktop computer.

With over 20 years in self-service and real-time data management, we know a thing or two about delivering kiosks and other connected devices systems. Livewire’s Digital Trophy Case was first introduced in 2012 at Penn State’s All Sports Museum. The application and content management portal underwent a complete update in 2020 to give our customers more features and enhancements.

The price of Digital Trophy Case will depend on your needs, some clients provide their own hardware, and some will purchase from us. We offer affordable rates for Digital Trophy Case and any of its optional add on purchase. Please contact us for a quote.

No limits! Digital Trophy Case offers an unlimited amount of People, Trophies, Picture’s Videos.

As a Microsoft Partner, the data (Pictures, Videos, Biographies) is stored on Microsoft’s Azure Servers, so it is very secure.