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We Have the Power to Connect

Livewire Digital LogoSINCE 1998, LIVEWIRE DIGITAL has been giving organizations like yours the Power to Connect with its customers through turnkey self-service solutions.  As a manufacturer of kiosk hardware and developer of our software platform and applications, we have complete control over the quality of our products and the ability to provide you with timely support.  Contact us to learn more about how our systems are helping clients throughout the US and beyond.


Don’t need a full-service solution? Not a problem. We will provide just the elements you need.


THE LIVEWIRE ADVANTAGE makes the difference:

SINGLE SOURCE for all of your digital communications needs

  • SELF-SERVICE SOLUTIONS pioneer, innovator, and award-winning leader
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT to update all of your locations securely at your convenience
  • LICENSED or HOSTED (SaaS) solutions to fit all budgets
  • FLEXIBLE and DYNAMIC platform
  • RESPONSIVE technical support

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